Welcome to Cyto Labs

Cyto Labs is the only dedicated Cytogenetics laboratory in Australia. We've been providing industry leading, NATA accredited, clinical services to doctors in Western Australia and the rest of the country since 1996. Consistently outperforming industry standards, with the fastest turn around times* and highest quality results* year after year, Cyto Labs provides a service that is second to none.

Cyto Labs believes strongly in ongoing education and research in this exciting field. We continue to provide training and education to doctors, nurses, scientists and students all over the world.

Research has always been an integral component of our success, contributing to our field and society at large.  In the areas of stem cells, liver cancer and spontaneous miscarriage we are leading the world in the field.  We are involved closely in research collaboration with many Australian and internationally renowned institutions.

Some of these collaborations include:

Washington State University--USA

MD Anderson Cancer Center--Houston, Texas, USA

University of Adelaide--Adelaide, SA Australia

University of New South Whales--Sydney, NSW Australia

University of Western Australia--Perth, WA Australia

Let us show you how we can provide the industry's best Cytogenetics service with the most timely and accurate diagnosis.  For further information browse our site or send your enquiry via our Contact Page.

*NATA yearly QA industry evaluation.

Mission Statement

  • We are an extension of the service provided by our Doctor clients.  We understand that an anxious patient awaits the outcome of every test.
  • We will always provide the quality, turnaround and informed advice thus allowing the Doctor to provide maximum benefit to every patient
  • Our team members are defined by participation, contribution to the enhancement of our culture and team success.